Utah Vacation Homes

Utah Vacation Homes manages condos, apartments, villas, cottages, townhouses, duplexs, and top rated luxury homes in Park City, Little Cottonwood Canyon and Salt Lake City.

When Utah Vacation Homes was introduced to Virtuance at an Industry Event in the Spring of 2012, it became aparent that HDReal™ was a perfect solution for the company's portfolio. Virtuance photographed 62 units and produced 1,195 HDReal™ images in only 3 production days with one photographer onsite. Utah Vacation Homes saw results in increased bookings within days of publishing the new imagery.


Units Completed: 62
Days to Complete Production: 3
# of Photographers: 1
# Images Produced: 1,195
Days Until Final Delivery: 12


  • “Thanks to Virtuance's photos, one of our favorite slow booking properties went from no bookings and no leads to two bookings and several more leads within days after the new images were posted. It's clear the old images did not present the value of the property accurately. During the photo shoot, I was pleased to see the technical sophistication of the HDReal™ software matched by the photographer's artistic eye and experience. We are very happy with Virtuance's delivery."
    Tristan Webb, President, Utah Vacation Homes

Sample Images produced for Utah Vacation Homes